Specialty Systems

NESR services, installs, and maintains all of your specialty or custom refrigeration applications. We work directly with the necessary design team and offer experienced consultation to further improve the functionality, performance, serviceability, and reliability of your equipment to ensure a long standing product that assist with your sales or production needs.

We work with equipment manufacturers, municipalities, hospitals, universities, pharmaceutical companies, defense contract companies, R&D institutions, and cannabis processing facilities, and any other industries that require specific, custom-built refrigeration systems.

Systems include:

  • Custom application systems
  • Ultra-low temp automated systems
  • Low-temp automated systems
  • Commercial/ industrial freezers
  • High volume meal delivery systems/retherm systems
  • Custom application environmental test chambers
  • Custom application biotechnology systems
  • Refrigerated process cannabis extraction systems

Services offered:

  • Installations
  • Emergency service
  • Scheduled service
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Upgrades/retrofits
  • Controller upgrades
  • Calibrations
  • New system start-ups


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